A Liquid Future

The Collaboration Centre and its programmes in Mapadegat were initially founded by Lizzie Murray of A Liquid Future in 2015.

During a surf trip to G-land, Java, Indonesia in 2010, Lizzie was struck by the lack of women working in and around the surf tourism scene in the area. Eventually she befriended a few young women working in the kitchen and came to the realisation that in almost a decade of visiting Indonesia, she had never seen a local girl surfing or local women swimming and enjoying the water.

Local communities on some of the more isolated island chains of Indonesia live in relative poverty, with no way of obtaining the skills they want and need to be a part of the land based surf tourism which is increasing on their shores. In 2011 after an evaluation of the situation, spending time with locals and listening to what they wanted, Lizzie came to the conclusion that English was the key to build foundations, enabling communities to interact with tourists visiting their shores complimented by other programs in swimming and surfing primarily aimed at girls.

The Collaboration Centre in Mapadegat was officially opened in 2015 partnering with The Perfect Wave, whom funded the project for the next 12 months. In 2016 A Perfect Foundation was formed by TPW and took over operating the school under the new name The Mentawai Education and Conservation Centre.

Group photo of kids

A Liquid Future has now opened a new Collaboration Centre in Morotai, the northern most island of the Maluku archipelago located in Eastern Indonesia.