A Perfect Foundation, in partnership with Waves 4 Water has now been involved with two clean water projects implementing water tanks and water filters in remote villages on the southern island of Sipora in the Mentawai Islands.

Partnering up with Winter Vincent Ambassador of Waves 4 Water and family in 2015, we were able to visit the remote village of Pukayarat for the first clean water project on Sipora Island. The village is only accessible via boat, so logistics were carefully planned so we could install 3 large water tanks and 30 filters which got distributed throughout the village.

An important part of the implementation process is educating and empowering the local community leaders, so they can communicate the benefits to the whole community improving their overall health and quality of life. The water filters mean they no longer have to trek miles to collect firewood to boil the contaminated water before they can drink it.

24 Waves 4 Water 2015

The second implementation was in the village of Mapadegat, where our Education and Conservation Centre is based. Again community leaders came and did training so they could show other families the importance of using the filters and ensuring they follow the cleaning instructions.

In October 2016, we did a follow-up trip to Pukayarat and Mapadegat, to see how the community had adapted to life with their filters. They were definitely in demand and now an essential part of daily life in their village, so we left another 30 filters to be distributed by the village chief!

Our Education and Conservation Centre is a base for Waves For Water in this region, and we still have a supply of filters which will be distributed to other remote regions on our next trip.

Pukaraya-kids wet-weather-rollout

If you would like to know about these trips please refer to these blogs, one through the eyes of an 11 year old, you can read here and here.