Save Our Oceans and Empower Local Communities

We all know we have to do our bit to protect the environment, which we try to do as much as we can where we can. Most of us probably

International Do Something Day – Wednesday 19th July

. Huge step in the right direction this last week with Coles, Woolworths and Harris Farm agreeing to ban lightweight single-use plastic bags by 2018. There are now only three

A unique opportunity to help our foundation

We’re taking part in Australia’s Biggest Giving Circle that’s giving away $30,000 to 50+ Charities in 2017 with thanks to UBank, Australia’s online-only bank. The next prize draw is June

Make Every Day Earth Day!

How many of you knew it was Earth Day on 22nd April? How many of you took some time to think about the world we live in, and how as

Experience of a Lifetime on a Raw Immersion Trip!

To be able to immerse yourself into a local community and school environment for a whole week is not something which would be included on everybody’s wish list. With basic