Education and Conservation Centre Project Outline

Through collaboration and direct support we are dedicated to assisting any way we can with the needs of these local communities, while learning from them at the same time. A Perfect Foundation supports multiple programs through other established charities in these regions from our community based Education and Conservation Centre in the Mentawai. This way we are able to make a direct difference where and when it is needed through education, skill acquisition, clean water and environmental programs.

Since its beginning in 2015 offering English language learning, our Centre in the Mentawai Islands has now evolved into an Education and Conservation Centre with a drive and a focus. We now recognise our strengths and understand how we can utilise these to make a sustainable difference.

The islands are seeing an increase in tourism and they have identified waste management as a rising issue. Our Environmental Programme offers a stepped approach, with education at the foundation. The main objective of this program is to reduce plastic waste being dumped and polluting the environment, the air and the ocean by encouraging and educating community members to manage their household rubbish.

As the environmental programme has evolved and the recycling is starting to take place, we have now collaborated with a local man who purchases the washed and sorted plastic and ships back to the mainland for recycling.