As part of our Environmental Program, we have initially focused on supporting the Bank Sampah Siput Bisa (Rubbish Bank) program to help it become a successful and sustainable recycling scheme. The main objective of this program is to reduce plastic waste being dumped and polluting the environment, the air and the ocean by encouraging and educating community members to manage their household rubbish.

As part of this initiative, we organise various activities with our local community, such as beach cleans, art competitions, video campaigns, and workshops. This provides an opportunity to educate young people about the impact of littering their environment while also gaining an insight into the growing problem of waste disposal on the island.

The foundation is aiming to operate and sustain its own recycling collection facility while also promoting responsible disposal of waste throughout the Mentawai Islands. We recognise that education is at the heart of finding sustainable solutions to the islands’ current environmental issues. Therefore we also aim to promote education on environmental issues particularly plastic pollution and the increasing problem of plastic marine debris in our oceans, starting with the younger members of the population.

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