It has been a busy few weeks for our Environmental Programme.

Awera Resort have continued their support with our programmes. It was good to sit down more informally with their staff and chat about some of the environmental issues that the Mentawai Islands faces. Aimar and Mikael, the owners, say they are keen for us to continue so we look forward to a lasting friendship!


We remembered Paola’s (from Ecobali) advice to find a small group of committed individuals and focus time and energy on them. With this in mind, we have found a nearby private school, Santo Petrus, that has been very welcoming, well organised and has a very inspiring Principal.



Every Saturday morning we go to Santo Petrus School to run sessions with different groups of students. We were pleased to see that, in our most recent trip, they had done a big plastic clean and collected 8 big sacks of recycling!

By continuing our workshops we really hope to develop this programme further. If it works, we hope to take the programme to the Education department and into other schools.