I think personally for me and my dad to be able to go over to Indonesia and meet a wonderful community of local people and help out at A Perfect Foundation school, as well as do all the amazing things that we did over there is really a once in a lifetime opportunity. The people in the village were so kind and happy that dad and I would play a game to see if we could smile more than the locals (we always lost).

I think A Perfect Foundation is doing great things. The people who run the school Tom and Karen do amazing things, like teaching kids and adults English and educating them on how to help reduce pollution and littering. Tom and Karen made us feel very welcomed and were always asking if we needed anything or if we were happy, dad and I where both touched by their generosity.



During our stay we were very lucky in that we were able to see the start of the five day Mentawai Festival which was all about celebrating the Mentawai’s culture. We helped the school prepare for the festival by painting colourful bins to help stop littering. A Perfect Foundation had its own hut at the festival which educated on how to prevent pollution and recycle.



As well through the school we were lucky enough to be able to help the local girls with their surfing and got some cool clips of them shredding the front yard shore break. The surf over there is epic, thanks to the school we had a boat so we could go to all the local, world class breaks, and we were lucky enough to get Telescopes pumping as well as getting it to ourselves on the first day. We also surfed Iceland and Scarecrows and both had some of the best surf of our lives.



Thanks Tom, Karen and Marie for hooking us up with the best surf trip ever.