We’ve had two new staff members join the team this year, and both Rani and Josie are proving they are a valuable asset to the team and community. Due to the popularity of our environmental programs, Rani is assisting Tom and Karen in delivering these to the local schools and government offices as well as training staff at nearby surf resorts while Josie is taking over the English classes.


Rani joined us at the start of this year as our Local Coordinator. Originally from Solok in West Sumatra, she moved to the Mentawais to work for a Housing Development company seven months ago. We met Rani through one of our higher level English classes and we were always impressed with her English and enthusiasm to get involved in all our environmental projects. Her job at the Housing Development company proved to be unfulfilling, so when we heard she was planning on leaving we saw an amazing opportunity for her to join us.


With her three younger brothers, she is the only daughter for her loving, proud, parents. Before she could join us, she insisted we be introduced to her Mum and Dad, it was a lovely opportunity to meet such supportive parents and get the nod of approval for her to come and work with us.

Rani has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and hopes to one day return to studying but with the intention to try a Languages or Arts degree. Her love of learning comes through in her hobbies, during her free time you will often find Rani with her nose in a book, listening to the latest music, practicing her English or going off on a hike to take in the beautiful surrounds. She also loves volleyball, travelling, keeping fit and, more recently, she has starting surfing.


Rani is always full of smiles and confidence. Her ‘give-it-go’ attitude makes her an amazing employee and a great team player. She is excited about joining A Perfect Foundation and immersing herself in the challenges to come, good on you Rani!



Josie joins us with a wealth of English teaching experience, prior to joining us she worked for 2 years in Vietnam teaching English at an International kindergarten school and also working for the British Council. She has very fond memories of her time in Vietnam and immersing herself in a different culture. She took full advantage of her time there, meeting local people and helping local charities. She enjoyed having the opportunity to support a deaf boy, providing him with hearing aids and access to education. She also supported a scheme to help Cambodian refugee women through designing, crafting and selling handmade jewellery.



Josie studied Sociology at Leeds University in the UK, before continuing her studies to gain her English Teaching qualification. With the travel bug firmly lodged in her blood stream, she avoided settling in the UK and headed to warmer climates to Australia where she quickly secured a teaching role working with adult students, as well as a passion for surfing. Her love of traveling has never stopped and she feels lucky to have the opportunity to have already visited many new places and experienced so much.


new team members

Josie hopes to bring the English language alive for our students here at our Centre in the Mentawais and wants to give something back to the community. Through her teaching, she hopes to give her students the confidence to achieve what they want in life.