With the surf season up and running, the resorts are accepting their first guests and surf charter boats are regularly stopping in at our local break Telescopes, it means we also get a nice flow of overland surfers visiting our village.

Most are on their way down to the surf breaks in the south and to enjoy the laid back vibe in the village of Katiet.

It is lovely when they drop in to our Centre, we always appreciate their support. We were lucky last week to a have a group of 5 surfers visit us and they spent the afternoon speaking English to our students and helping out in our classes. They also brought some lovely resources for the Centre as well as some chocolate treats for our teachers! Visitors to the village always reflect on how nice it is to spend time with the local community.

So, if you are in the area and passing by Telescopes surf break, come in and say hi, the locals would love to meet you!