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Do you have ethical values?  Do you care about damaging the environment? Do you want to help reduce your human foot print and make sustainable choices?

A Perfect Foundation believes we can positively connect local communities with a sustainable Tourism Industry to protect the environment.  Our mission/vision is to educate and empower local communities in remote global surf regions to make a sustainable difference.  Your donation enables our staff and volunteers to continue developing solutions and educating children in these communities on reusing, reducing and recycling plastic waste so it stops ending up in the ocean and killing our marine life.

Our Sponsors

As a donor/sponsor, you initiate a partnership with our staff and volunteers helping local communities in remote areas create a better and more sustainable future for themselves and their families! Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to concentrate on making a real difference to these communities by giving them the essential English skills for local employment and creating long term sustainable solutions









Donate Today

To run our programs and continue educating and empowering remote communities we rely on donations, sponsorship and collaboration with other NGO’s and local operators. As a donor, you initiate a partnership with our staff and volunteers helping these communities create plastic free environments and a more sustainable future for them and their families.

Your involvement offers long term rewarding experiences as well as opportunities to develop relationships with this future generation of children, who will continue making a global impact for years to come.