Happy New Year!!!

First of all, we would like to thank you for the donations you have all made over the past 12 months during 2016. These donations have helped us launch our new Environmental Programme, with the aim to create a recycling and waste management facility in the Mentawai, and get us closer to building our new multi-purpose Education and Conservation Centre.

Here’s a brief summary of what we got up to at the school during 2016:

With the prediction that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the problem with our use of plastic and its impact on the health of our planet.

Indonesia produces a staggering 3.2 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste per year and is the world’s second largest contributor to plastic rubbish in the oceans. In 2015 the Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry’s Waste Management Director wanted to declare a state of emergency for waste in the country due to the extent of the crisis.

Many visitors to the islands may be shocked and disappointed to find this surfers’ paradise often strewn with plastic garbage. With population growth, development of the region and the predicted increase of tourism coming to the islands, this problem will only get worse.

We are currently working with local government, business owners, community leaders and locals to create a waste management plan starting with Tua Pejat, the capital of the Mentawai. This will involve acquiring pressing machines and shipping waste back to the mainland for recycling.

If you know of anyone else that would love to be a part of this environmental change, please spread the love!


So we are excited for 2017 with the development of this recycling and waste management system, and one that wouldn’t be able to happen without your continued and ongoing support!

Watch this space for further updates since the classes are now in full swing for the first term and full of excited students.


Marie Gray
Director/Sponsorship Manager
A Perfect Foundation Charity Ltd