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For the second year running, our village community of Mapadegat has hosted the Mentawai Cultural Festival. This 5 day festival provides us with a great opportunity to spread the word on our Environmental Programme and raise awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution. With this in mind we booked in one of the twenty stands available at the festival and decked it out with information, quizzes, competitions, interactive displays and an amazing team of volunteers. We did a quiz based on all the information in our displays which took up to 30 minutes to complete (for some even longer). Over 250 people took the quiz from youngsters, to mums and dads, and even police officers!

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We did a presentation to school groups and the Sikerei tribesmen! We worked with a local scout group in conjunction with a university group from Lampung to do a beach clean in which we talked about the issues and separated recyclables from non-recyclables.

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All the preparation and hard work paid off over the 5 days with a constant flow of visitors from, not only the Mentawai Islands, but also other parts of Indonesia.

We’ve made lots of new friends and contacts, and it was a huge success! A massive shout out to all those who helped us during the event, your kind support kept us going and for those that support us financially this wouldn’t be possible without your ongoing donations which enable us to develop and continue these environmental and recycling programs for these remote communities.

If you would like to join us and help support our programs then please do so via our current crowd-funding campaign and you could also be joining us on a trip of a lifetime with surfing legend Barton Lynch in 2018!!