Giving Tuesday Sign

#GivingTuesday is celebrated world-wide as a day to support for-social change organisations connecting individuals, communities and organisations around the world for one common purpose – to celebrate and encourage giving!! The global movement encourages everyone to donate time, money or their voice to help a good cause.

Thanks to generous donors and sponsors like yourself, we have been able to develop our programs and achieve the following:

  • Developed the first recycling and waste management program in the Mentawai
  • As of 2017 taught over 400 adults and children English language skills
  • Distributed water filters in remote villages in partnership with Waves For Water
  • Introduced an outreach program for schools promoting English and sustainability
  • Taught 30 female students to surf along with essential water awareness skills
  • Secured land to build a new Education and Environmental Centre
  • Formed relationships with local government officials and community leaders

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How can you be part of it? Here are a few simple ideas:

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“No man can become rich without himself enriching others.
The man who dies rich dies disgraced”