It has been a tough challenge to get organisations on board with our recycling programme. At every place we visit, whether it is schools, government offices, shops, resorts, hotels or homes, we offer the same, free, pick-up service.

We are also happy to train staff on how to sort their waste where necessary.

We have found that it is key to find one keen supporter in each organisation who is willing to rally their colleagues to get on board and break their old habits of dumping or burning their plastic. It’s these supporters who have become our ‘Pahlawan Sampah’ (Trash Heroes). The more ‘Pahlawans’ we find, the larger our reach becomes.

We also recognise their amazing efforts on our Indonesian social media sites, check out and @pahlawansampah on Instagram. So our hunt for new Pahlawan Sampah continues on, we’ll never stop searching, and having lots of fun on the way!