A Perfect Foundation

A Perfect Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation created to empower local communities in remote surf regions through education and skill acquisition to make a sustainable difference. Founded by a group of surfers, who wanted to be able to give back to the island communities that have allowed others to enjoy their natural resources and homelands.

Remote Islands in Indonesia such as the Mentawai’s are recognized internationally as one of the few remaining places on the planet as having unique cultural and ecological assets.  These need to be preserved, not exploited and destroyed.  In the last few decades, vast tracts of Amazonian and Indonesian rainforest have disappeared and then lost forever. We’ve seen marine environments spoiled as plastics and pollutants have poisoned once pristine waterways as no or little education has been provided on waste management or recycling options.

A Perfect Foundation realizes that the time is NOW!  We need to collectively take proactive action to protect this unique marine and forested environment. By doing so, we can ensure future generations inherit at least some of the lush beauty that once was more than the rarity it’s become today.

We Have Launched Our Crowd-Funding Campaign!

We have launched our crowd-funding campaign and it’s live!! By donating and telling us why we should pick you to join us, you will go into the draw to win

Save Our Oceans and Empower Local Communities

We all know we have to do our bit to protect the environment, which we try to do as much as we can where we can. Most of us probably

Making a difference
Please consider donating to the Mentawai Education and Conservation Centre

The Mentawai Education and Conservation Centre exists to ensure we help these beautiful people before disaster hits and before our western values and tourism take away their opportunity to decide their own future and environment. If you are interested in making a bigger impact and would like to commit to a monthly or annual donation, then please contact info@aperfectfoundation.org